Do you have an inner critic?  That voice that pops into your head to tell that you will fail, that you will look stupid, that you aren’t deserving of success?  Are you great at what you do but constantly feel like an impostor? Does your inner critic laugh and tell you that you’re going to be found out?  Do you get in your own way by self-sabotaging your attempts to make any changes in your life?  If any of this sounds familiar and you want to turn your inner critic into your inner cheerleader, then join me in my free group Transformational Coaching to help you Thrive at Home, at Work, in Life.

I help clients let go of self-sabotage and negative self-talk in order to unleash their authentic truth, value and strength. I’m so EXCITED to be able to share some of the INCREDIBLE techniques I’ve used so you too can enjoy the AMAZING results.  Let me show you a place for fabulous individuals to support each other as they create their INNER CHEERLEADER.

NE Life Coaching – Lou Laggan Coaching & Development

As a professional person you have so many roles to fulfil: business owner, career professional; parent; wife / husband; partner, son or daughter, mentor or friend to name a few!  It’ s a constant juggling act to keep everyone else happy and no matter how hard you try you feel like you’re failing everyone. Negative self-talk stops you from achieving the success you truly deserve; you cannot find the time to look after yourself and you’re gradually worn down until you are lost in the role of an impostor and are at the mercy of the negative thoughts from your inner critic.

At NE Life Coaching, Lou Laggan will show you how to be free of these feelings; to be able to enjoy all aspects of your life free of guilt and shame.  Lou will help you gain a freedom of heart, mind and soul that you never believed was possible.  A freedom that means you balance work and family allowing yourself to be fully present in each and enjoy each completely . A freedom that comes from a deep and confident self-belief that allows you to see your true strength and value.  A freedom that comes from turning your inner-critic into your inner-cheerleader so that you can thrive at home, at work, in life.

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Coaching to help you thrive at home, at work, in life.

Whatever challenges you are facing or goals you wish to
achieve, whether at work or in your personal life, coaching
can help you find the answers.

How has your day gone?
Did you find that #negativethoughts crept into your mind?
Did you notice when it happened?
Perhaps you only noticed after they took hold.
Our inner-critic is really a dominant thought process.
A particular event can trigger it, an automatic reaction, and if we aren't vigilant, we can find our mood has dropped and our energy has reduced.
Paying more attention to it and noticing when it occurs is the first step in changing it.
It is possible to change your negative thought into a positive alternative.
If you would like to know how, just message me.
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#NEfollowers #heroes
We are all capable of being heroes.
By simply being intent on making the world a bit better, your space in the world, we are being heroes.
What is it that you can change to make things better for someone around you?
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#happiness is often something that we strive for.
It's here, within us, accessible at any time that we choose.
Will you choose to be happy?
When things aren't going well for us and particularly for those we love, it may feel 'wrong' to be happy. Being happy doesn't mean that you are ignoring what is going wrong.
It simply means that you are choosing a more positive approach.
We all deserve to be happy, each and every moment.
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Today, try and look beyond #imperfections
See the joy, feel the #happiness
What can you notice that you may have missed?
#coaching #mindset
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How do you express #gratitude?
Sometimes it can be as simple as saying #thankyou
I choose to write it down each morning and evening. I write all the things I'm thankful for.
It could be the rain and the life it brings, it could be what I have had the opportunity to try and learn that day, or perhaps all the opportunities that will come my way. I'm grateful for my work, my clients, my home, my health. I'm grateful for choice, I'm grateful for changes in mood and the increasing self-awareness they bring.
Expressing that thanks is a wonderful way to improve your mindset and lift your energy.
What do you do to express gratitude?
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