Building Belief and Personal Resilience

Helping you to increase your self-belief and personal resilience

Does your self-confidence waiver at critical moments? Do you find it difficult to truly believe in your ability to deal with tough situations?

Is it a meeting at work that makes you feel like you want to hide away?   There are often times when we have to go into meetings or events that make us doubt ourselves. It may be at work with your boss or it may be visiting your child’s head teacher; it may be meeting with or phoning a potential client or it could be a social occasion that fills you with dread.

Whatever it is, it triggers doubt in ourselves, a lack of confidence and we can feel our self-esteem plummeting! That awful churning feeling in your stomach, feeling your neck and cheeks flush, your mouth so dry your tongue is sticking to the roof of it, that feeling of wanting to just run away..

What if you could learn a simple tried and tested technique that would help you recognise how wonderful you really are and allow you to use this to strengthen your self-belief? What would that feel like? Imagine walking into meetings confidently with head held high? Picture dealing with any situation that worries you now with strength and confidence? What if your energy was working for you, no embarrassing flushing in your neck or cheeks, no dryness in your mouth, knowing you will be able to portray yourself in the best way possible?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Where and When

On Sunday December 3rd from 1.45 pm  to 5.00 pm at Jesmond Dene Conference Centre, Millfield House, Jesmond Dene, Red Walk, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7BQ


If you have ever been in a situation of doubting your ability then this course can help you.

Using your own experiences, I will share with you some simple processes that will help you understand and overcome our crooked thinking, build your self-esteem and self-confidence, build that belief in yourself and increase your personal resilience. Then show you how to clearly set out your goals and the steps needed to achieve them whilst keeping your self-belief and self-confidence strong.


Very practical and useful in a personal way. Lou helped me through the process. Brilliant! Gill R., Carville

Amazing and Inspiring! Anne K., Cullercoats

Had a really interesting morning on Lou’s Belief and Goal Setting course this morning. Lovely to meet the others on the course as well. It was informal, educational and set in an environment where you could just be your self. It helped me see what I had a achieved in my life and hopefully will give me the focus to achieve more. Thanks Again Lou I will be back for more…. even if the cake was not included.
V. Wilson
Safe Sol

Great morning looking at beliefs and goal setting .  It was informal fun and really hit the mark allowing you to explore and understand you and how far you have come and the achievements you have had.  Lovely to meet other delegates and share experiences and thoughts .  Loved it thankyou Lou.          G. Casson