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I must start very simply by saying that I recommend Lou Laggan unreservedly. The reasons why we each sometimes need some assistance are many and varied, and highly personal; for me, as a (mostly) functional long-term sufferer of depression, I had experienced years of a gradual loss of focus, concentration and self esteem, culminating in an instance of what was essentially a breakdown. My wife urged me to seek some help, and by-and-by I found Lou.
From the first telephone consultation, Lou proved easy to talk to, even though it was hard given how I was feeling at the time. I had no expectations for how things would progress, but when Lou advised that she felt we could work together to address what I was experiencing, I realised that I had just been subtly helped over an initial high hurdle, just in that first conversation. A helping hand had been extended, and I had chosen to take it. This was a major step forward, and established an implicit trust to be built upon.
With the first face-to-face appointment, it became clear that what I had stepped into was not a series of sessions; rather a series of two-way conversations. There was no single flow of speech, no mirror psychology expecting me to wander in rhetorical wilderness whilst a semi-silent observer nods and smiles their way through well rehearsed active listening skills. These were actual conversations, and they ventured into whatever topic happened to grow naturally from them… And then, every now and then, Lou would raise something insightful that she felt would be beneficial to work through, a detail plucked from the conversation without my realising I had said anything pertinent.
Make no mistake, just as the conversations were two-way, so was the path to improvement. For me, there was a focus on mindfulness meditations and the need to confront my-‘Self’ in all its many aspects. Unchartered territory for me and it was not easy. It still isn’t.
But it has been revelatory in its manifestations, and so worth every moment and every ounce of effort.
I could go on, there is so much that I could say, but I will end with this: I have not looked back since meeting and working with Lou. As I said to her when first we spoke, my mind had become a valley of ice. Well, now the valley is thawing. I’m getting there, but without Lou I would still be frustrated in my futile efforts to escape my own prison. Six sessions, perhaps 9 hours of conversation interspersed with new techniques I didn’t know existed.
Expect homework (or ‘self-work’ as would be more accurate); expect to get out of it what you are willing to give; expect to open yourself to new ideas; expect good conversation, with a slice of sublime home-baked cake, and a calm environment; expect the unexpected, especially if, like me, there seemed little hope that anyone could help. Expect to become an alumni of the ‘Lou Laggan School of Giving Yourself A Damn Break’.
Thank you Lou, I miss our conversations (OK, and I miss the cake, pointless denying it) but you have given me a set of tools that I am enjoying learning to master, and you have made a lasting and positive difference to a very tough nut to crack and in such a short space of time. I will certainly come back periodically to check in and talk. I continue to make progress, and long may the thaw continue.
I wish anyone reading this all the very best, because I’ve been where you are (or somewhere very similar, for all our subtle differences of experience). If you are wondering whether or not to contact Lou, all I can say is that you will not regret doing so. On the contrary, it might just be the finest decision you’ve made for ‘your-Self’ in a long time.


Mr P. Whitley Bay

Life Coaching – Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Testimonial from Emma Casson

NE Life Coach – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

‘I had a coaching call with Lou which was followed up with a tailored meditation to help the issues I wanted to work through. The call itself was fab, Lou was calm, listened and talked through my issues with me. We then carried out a meditation, which was not only relaxing, but also helped me to affirm to myself positive things and leave behind the negative ones, while understanding them. This was followed up by the meditation which Lou sent over for me to listen to each day. I have found that my perspective has shifted and I am able to embrace as well as look at things from a different perspective. I used the affirmations that were part of the meditation to help get me through a pretty scary interview too. Thank you Lou!’

Ms L Whotton, Leicestershire

Life Coaching

I connected with Lou for one of her guided meditations! I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the session and the guided meditation she sent me.

When I met with her there was this piece of my intuition that had been a little bit clouded by my logical mind…that my body needed to dance more!

Through her guidance I discovered in our session together that this was connected with an inability to attract money.

After participating in her guided mediation I started attracting more money!

This week to date I’ve attracted over 100 euros of unexpected income! AAANNNDD I’ve been dancing (starting a new class tomorrow).

I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to make a change in their live and who get’s that little nudge from their intuition to work with Lou…it’s totally a sign! ♥ thanks lou


Ms Clement, Madrid, Spain

Group Learning

Welcoming and friendly.  Knowledgeable.  An opportunity to learn skills required to become more mindful. Helen Edmondson

Life Coaching

Lou has been an excellent coach helping me to put a positive twist in my personal life.  I have been very surprised how Lou with her empathy and patience help me to find out thoughts, and beliefs which where holding me back.  I wanted help to grow my confidence and feel better about myself. I loved that a personal treatment plan was prepared for me and after just a few sessions with Lou I was feeling amazing and so full of confidence about myself and what I wanted to do with my life.
I would go as far to say that the results were life changing for me. I had been in a job that I hated for many years but was unsure of I could do anything else. Because of my new-found confidence, I was able to leave my job and I have now started my own business which is something I always felt I could not do. I am very grateful for all the help and support Lou provided me in my own journey. I strongly recommend Lou. She is truly an amazing lady with great skills and full of valuable experience. Georgia Fragkouli

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Group Learning

Your calm voice really helped the mindful trances.  Thanks for adding a few more tools.  Nice way to spend a Sunday morning, calming and relaxing. Karen Graham

Group Learning

Lou led the session with her usual flair, dealing with any challenge confidently and effectively to gain full buy-in.  Lou is not afraid to do something different to help us change our approach and challenge our usual thinking.  Her training skill and knowledge of coaching and leadership is a tremendous resource to support us with any training, especially short punchy sessions. Dave, York

NE Life Coach – Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Building Self-Belief

I approached Lou with a view to her helping my teenage daughter to improve her self-confidence and self-belief in a competitive sporting environment. My daughter had been performing well during practice sessions but became easily distracted by other competitors at competitions and did not perform to the best of her ability.
Over a series of 6 sessions, Lou gave my daughter the tools she needed to mentally prepare for competitions, to improve her self-belief,  to stay focussed throughout her performance, and to positively evaluate the results.
Lou has explained that this is an ongoing process that requires work. Since beginning the sessions, my daughter has competed several times and the improvement in her self-confidence and self-belief is remarkable and has been noticed by her coach and other parents.
My daughter very  much enjoyed each session with Lou and she found her friendly and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable leaving my daughter with her for each session.

I feel that the tools Lou has given my daughter have been invaluable and will be useful to her not only in competitions, but throughout her school life and working life.

Mrs S.  Northumberland Park

Group Learning

Group Learning

Group Learning


Group Learning

Great morning looking at beliefs and goal setting . It was informal fun and really hit the mark allowing you to explore and understand you and how far you have come and the achievements you have had. Lovely to meet other delegates and share experiences and thoughts . Loved it thankyou Lou Gill Casson

Life Coaching

Lou uses several different tools and strategies in her practice. She is approachable, calm and shows a real interest in an individual. She is very flexible around the days/times which makes it easy to book a suitable session. Anna, Gateshead

Group Learning

Had a really interesting morning on Lou’s Belief and Goal Setting course this morning. Lovely to meet the others on the course as well. It was informal, educational and set in an environment where you could just be your self. It helped me see what I had a achieved in my life and hopefully will give me the focus to achieve more. Thanks Again Lou I will be back for more…. even if the cake was not included. Vicki Wilson

Managing Director

Group Learning

Loved every minute of it! Enjoyed your stories, your knowledge.  Very engaging.  You’re ideal for this subject!  Really relaxed workshop that makes you think & re-evaluate the important things. Victoria Moodie