Inner Critic or Inner Cheerleader

Do you have an inner-critic that says you’re not good enough?


Does your head fill up with negative thoughts every time you try to

make changes in your life or try something new?

Does your mind immediately dial up the negativity as you hear:


• “That’s never going to work.”

• “I’m going to fail.” 

• “I don’t deserve to be successful.”

• “I’m letting everyone down.”

• “I’m no good at this”


Sound familiar?


What if your inner-critic became your inner- CHEERLEADER?


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Do you find that your mind is never quiet? Is it always jumping to the next thing? Are you thinking of the next task to complete? Is your mind constantly full of chatter, never giving you any peace to just be?


Does your self-confidence waiver at critical moments? Do you find it difficult to truly believe in your ability to deal with tough situations?Is it a meeting at work that makes you feel like you want to hide away?

Better Health with Mindfulness


If you feel that your life is running away from you, that you are being pulled in so many different directions that it’s hard to enjoy and fully experience what you are doing right now then this programme is for you.